We offer a wide range of communication professionals for Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing service users. We provide interpreters to match the needs of every user, with specialist subject knowledge for a range of bookings. Below are a list of interpreting services we offer:

  • British Sign Language/English Interpreters (NRCPD Regd)
  • Deafblind; Manual, Block, Visual Frame & Hands-On Manual
  • Sign Supported English
  • Lip Speaking
  • Deaf Relay
  • Note-taking: Electronic and Manual
  • Speech to Text Translation
  • Communication Support Worker

Here are just some of the types of
bookings we can help you with:

Meetings • Medical appointments • Training courses • Community events • Religious services • Job interviews • Education • Access to work • Legal work • Conferences • Social care

To book and interpreter please contact Shannon – bookings@bsl-assist.co.uk

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